Governance & Leadership; 

The Political Handbook

for Small and Local Government Operations


"Surgo ut Prosim"

[Latin] "I rise that I might serve."


This work is patterned after the highly-acclaimed Political Handbook for Student Government Operations.



A review:

"The Political Science Shelf*


Governance & Leadership; The Political Handbook For Small And Local Government Operations

Douglas C. Landa & Henry C. Landa

The Film Instruction Company of America

5928 West Michigan Street

Wauwatosa, WI 53213

0931974305, $49.50, [soft cover, sewn binding]

0931974313, $79.50, [library hardcover]


There are a lot of ‘how to’ books on getting elected [to] political office, but very few (if any!)

instruction books on how to effectively govern after being elected or appointed to a

responsible political position -- especially in local government. That’s why “The Political

Handbook For Small And Local Government Operations” by Douglas C. Landa and Henry C.

Landa will prove to be welcome reading for anyone who finds themselves with newly elected


“The Political Handbook For Small And Local Government Operations” is an

instruction manual on how to become organized and efficient; offers a wealth of ‘tips, tricks &

techniques’ with respect to being a candidate and running for office; provides basic

information relevant to leadership and management; keeping informed and up-to-date through

self-study, as well as the value of self-improvement. Of special note is the emphasis on what

positions in a political or governmental systems should descriptively be. 

Thoroughly ‘user friendly’, comprehensive, informed and informative, “The Political Handbook For Small And Local Government Operations” should be considered a ‘must’ for anyone aspiring to (or newly elected to) governmental responsibility in any and all areas of local governmental service.                                                             8/11/12"


*Transcribed verbatim in its entirety from the Midwest Book Review website (circa August 2012).




Table of Contents

PHB/ Small & Local Govt. Opns.

(512  pages, 8.5 x 11 inch format, soft cover, sewn binding)



Justification: Why this Book Exists and How to Use It,

The Game; Playing the Game of Politics ... Is it a Game?

What is Local Government?

The Credible Candidate



Candidacy and Campaigning


Campaign Organization

Campaign Manager






Intelligence, Espionage, and Dirty Tricks


The Press

The Campaign Speech






Leadership Styles






Principles of Management

Management vs. Leadership

Management Effectiveness

Conduct of Meetings

Budgets and the Budgeting Process

Auditing and Audits

Committees: Organization & Operations

Public Relations

Presentation: the Art, Science, & Technique of Getting Your Idea Across

Problem Solving Procedure: a Management Tool


Benchmarks & Benchmarking



Administration and Bureaucracy


Administration: What is It?

Some General Rules of Personal Administrative Performance

Bureaucracy: What is It?

On Being an Administrator and Bureaucrat: Improving the Bureaucracy

The Bureaucracy: Behavior and Management

The Laws of Delay

Organization Manual

Operating Manual

Operations Logbook

Checklists and Protocols

The Importance of the Format



Personal Action: Self-Study and Self-Improvement


Self-Taught, the Autodidact

Sources of self-help

A program for self-improvement

The Training of Managers, Supervisors, and Staff in the Conduct of On-the-Job-Training

Personal Learning Strategy - a review of things forgotten; of things useful to learning;

and getting the most out of training

Steps in a Program of Self-help


Credentials, Certifications, and Licenses

Self-Promotion or the Gentle Art [& sometimes brash act] of Hyping Oneself]



Offices and Officers


 Offices & Officers, Introduction of Positions, Qualifications, Duties, and Detail

President or Chairperson

Vice President or Vice Chairperson


Recording Secretary, Recorder, or Recording Officer

Corresponding Secretary

Executive Secretary, Executive Director

Financial Secretary










Managers; a.k.a. Chairpersons of Service Units

Administration Manager

Business Manager

Facilities Committee Chairperson

Finance Committee Chairperson

Program Chairperson

Publicity Manager


Miscellaneous Positions and Functionaries

Captains: District, Precinct

Information Director, Public Information Officer


Transition Team Leader


Auditor, ex officio and designated

Representative, The

Legislator, The

Election Commissioner and Observer


Canvass / Sweep Manager

Inspector General

Intelligence Chief / Officer

Security Chief

Chief of Staff




Eight Questions (of Governance)

 Negative Campaigning

Charisma & Charismatic Leadership

Leadership Characteristics (a survey of authors)

Span of Management

Joiner, On Being a

News Release Example

The Political Base

Fusion Ticket: an Advanced Concept in Forming a Winning Full Slate and Requiring Intelligence, Planning and Bargaining


Campaign Theme and

the Message

 Splintered Authority and Split Executive

Enlightened Self-Interest

Bargaining, Negotiating, and Compromise

Holding Court: “Gettin’ to Know You”; “Doin’ Lunch”

Open Meeting, The : Concept, Use & Opportunity

Partying - a Variety of Viewpoints

Personal Habits and Care; Working on the Total Image

The Activities of Supervisors and Managers: An Analytic Approach

Meeting Procedures for Executive Councils, Cabinets

Transition: Coming In; Going Out

The Management / Productivity Triad and Systemic Rules

Rules of Order

The Executive Order: an expedient requiring careful control

E-Communication: E-mail, the Internet, & Websites

Webmastering the Details of a Campaign Website

Webmastering the Details of a Local Government Website

Rules of Organization


Ballot Design and Sample

Charter: the Authorization to Exist and Function.


Standing Rules

The Library: Personal, Department, & Public Organizational

Mathematical Modeling a Campaign; an Exercise in Political Science and in Estimating the Probability (Chance) of Success

Cost Analysis for a Campaign

Proxy & Proxy Votes: Theory & Applications

Setting the Agenda: the executive challenge, test of leadership & promotion of the vision,

Preemption; the Preemptive Strike; “Gettin’ thar fust!”


The Mission Statement

Product Information Manual

Titles: “What’s in a Name?” (And, There are a Lot of ‘em.)

A q & q: Quotable & Quotations



R: Readings and References


Reading of Interest and Value





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