Adjunct Faculty: the Management

of Part-Time Academic Teaching Staff

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Adjunct Faculty: the Management of Part-Time Academic Teaching Staff

First Edition, 2001       by Henry C. Landa


Purpose (Preface): to define the issues and problems which surround the utilization of part-time instructors and suggest solutions.

Positive Elements

Negative Elements

Who are these Part-Timers?

Semantics and Definitions

Monetary Rewards

Calculating the Hourly, after Tax, Pay

Communications: Keeping in Touch (by):

Support / Supervision

Rewards: Monetary and Psychic

The Selection Process (of Part-Timers)

Unsatisfactory Employment: An Employee's View of the Various Stages of Engagement and Disengagement

Easing 'em out ... terminating adjunct faculty


Labor Cost of Instruction: Adjunct Faculty vs. Full-time Faculty


[Disclamation: The above work covers higher education, only. That is, university, college, technical college, community college, and/or technical institute part-time instruction. The author leaves the study of part-time and substitute teaching problems of elementary and secondary schools to others.]


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a.k.a.: The Perils of the Part-Timers; Instructor Wanted: Part-Time and Half-Baked; The Soft Under Belly of Education; Horror Stories from Academia; Faculty Wanted - Part-Time but Not Half-Baked

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