The Autodidact, Compleat

The Self-Taught Person


A self-teaching* text and reference for the person who wishes to gain command of a subject without formal training and education.


Table of Contents

The Compleat Autodidact

I: Introduction

Justification; Why this Book Exists and How to Use It, I 0

Self-Taught, I 1

The Quintessential Autodidact, I 2

Critical Thinking - What is It?, I 3

Minimalist Approach, I 4

What is training? What is education I 5

What is OJT?, I 6

Functional Analytical Ability, I 7

L: The Learning Process

Principles of Learning, L 1

Transfer of Learning, L 2

Orientation, L 3

Eight Schools of Instructional Thought, L 4

Instruction, Methods of, L 5

Handbooks & Manuals, L 6

Format (of Manuals) in Detail, L 7

Libraries & Writin’ that Book Review, L 8

Transition, Coming In, Going Out, L 9

Conference / Convention Sortie, L 10


C: Curricula (Content)


Basics & the Backward Look (Curriculum), C 1

Benchmarks & Benchmarking, C 2

Course Outline, C 3

Lesson Plan, C 4

Syllabus, C 5

Trainers, C 6

Training, Training Programs, and Trainers, the Theory, Organization, & Techniques, C 7


P: Personal Action:

Self-Study and Self-Improvement


Self-Improvement as Concept, P 1

Self-Help, Sources of, P 2

The Program of Self-Improvement and the Personal Syllabus, P 3

Personal Learning Strategy - a review of things forgotten; of things useful to learning; and getting the most out of training, P 4

Credentials, Certifications, & Licenses, P 5

Associations, P 6

Communications, P 7

Personal Habits & Care; Working on the Total Image, P 8

Partying- a Variety of Viewpoints, P 9

Networks & Networking, P 10

Image & Charisma, P 11

Joiner, On Being a, P 12

Library, Founding a, P 13

Product Information Manual, P 14


T: Techniques & Tricks-of-the-Trade


Problem Solving, T 1

Brainstorming, T 2

Conduct & Management of Meetings, T 3

Presentation, the Art, Science & Technique .. Getting Your Idea Across, T 4

Q & A, Handling Questions (and Answers), T 5

Program Chairperson, T 6

Self-Promotion or the Gentle Art (& sometimes brash act) of Hyping Oneself, T 7

Intelligence & Espionage (Industrial / Commercial), T 8

Operating Manual (How to develop a guide to managing an activity), T 9

Operations Logbook, T 10

Finally, Some Words on Politics ... in the Larger and Personal Sense, T 11


A: Appendix


Experiment / Research Report Format, A 1

Management Triad, A 2

Mission Statement, A 3

First Day on the Job; Short List of Advice to the New Employee - Some Simple but Important Rules, A 4

Delegation, A 5

The Natural, A 6

Holdin' Court; Gettin' to Know You; "Doin' Lunch", A 7


R: Reading & References


Readings & Reviews, R1

Glossary,  R 2




*A self-teaching text is a book which requires no outside person; e.g., a lecturer in a classroom, to fully explain the subject ... the book does it all.

Many textbooks; e.g., those which are found in the highly technical areas are so poorly organized and lacking comprehensiveness, require a person to explain the topic to the student.

The self-teaching text must be (1) comprehensive, (2) well-organized, and (3) well-written.


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The Self-Taught Person

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