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Experimental Aerodynamics by Henry Christensen Pavian (1940), Pitman Publ. Corp., NYC, 24 cm./9.7 in., hardcover  [Dewey #629.13]    "This work is out-of-print but is worthwhile owning or referring to, particularly for designers of light and ultralight aircraft or automotive vehicles.. [Look for it in your public library and then in your local used book stores. If you feel that you must own a copy, then  go to the "rare" book dealers but, don't pay an arm & a leg; use a copy machine ... the copyright has expired.]  Writing with exceptional clarity, Pavian begins with definitions of terms, followed by a review of elementary aerodynamic principles, wind tunnel theory and practice with good attention to the mechanisms, instrumentation and machinery. Careful attention is placed on units, both in the abstract and practical, which makes this book unusual and much more useful than most college texts. [It is a shame that more technical authors have not followed this model.] The only complaint (by the reviewer) is a shortage of more hard number examples with real numbers so that the reader can follow the calculation iterations in detail. The book is old but stands out due to the full explanations given ... a grave deficiency in most texts. Most authors assume that the reader knows a lot more than is the actuality. There is a nice chapter (8) on model building. The treatment is, of course, for sub-transonic velocities.  The book is old, but the fundamentals are the same, and it is a classic. 3.8#  -  hcl"


Streamlining & Car Aerodynamics by Jan P. Norbye (1977), TAB Books,Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 128 pp., 22 cm./8.5 in., paperback, $3.95. "An obviously modest piece that introduces the topic. Nicely written by an old hand at popular technical journalism. A good starting point and a good value. #2.5" -  hcl



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    The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook,     including a Practical Problems Workbook with Answers and Solutions, 10th Edition, 2006   / Henry C. Landa and Douglas Cox Landa  331 pp., 345 illustrations, 29 cm./ 11.5 in., softcover. The standard work in the field; a reference and self-teaching text clearly and concisely written; includes a Practical Problems Workbook with answers and solutions.   Exceptionally favorable BOOK REVIEW prepared by the Engineering Societies Library for Automotive Engineering Magazine (S.A.E.); 

    362 pp., 28 cm. (8.5" wide x 11" high)

The standard reference handbook and self-teaching text using a practical engineering approach to basic aerodynamics to all types of land vehicles. Covers the theoretical bases of aerodynamics, drag, power, shapes, lift, stability, and downforce as applied to racing vehicles. Economics section addresses operating costs and aerodynamic influences upon fuel consumption. A practical problems workbook with answers and solutions is included.

    ISBN 0-931974-18-6 (softcover);  ISBN 0-931974-26-7 (Hardcover Library binding)

    1. Landa, Henry C.        2. Automotive Aerodynamics

I. Landa, Douglas Cox    II. Title                     

Softcover version, ISBN 0-931974-18-6. list price is $43.20  postpaid in the U.S. 

Hardcover Library binding, ISBN 0-931974-26-7, list price $68.70  postpaid in the U.S.A.

    TL 245 L2.53 2006                  629.231 L253                   [end of Cataloging Data]

  Note: This book (The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook) may be ordered directly from the publisher (FICOA; phone 414-258-6492;; 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213).

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