Construction Equipment Exchange at Milwaukee

The listing of construction equipment and supplies that contractors and individuals have, which they want to give away or sell or that they are looking for.

Rules for listing on this webpage:

1. Your full name is required.

2. Your complete and accurate address is required.

3. Your telephone number is required.

4. For economy sake, if you've an e-mail address, include it in your entry. Please make sure it is correct! We will encrypt it to confound "spam robots" that march across the Internet and vacuum up e-mail addresses.

5. The charge for an entry is $2, payable in cash.

6. The entry runs for one (1) year.

7. An entry is defined as a half typewritten page, pica (10 per inch), double-spaced with 1" margins. That works out to 182 standard words; we round off to 200 words per entry. That should be quite adequate to define and describe materials and equipment.

8. Describe, fully and accurately, what you want or have for sale. You need to enter your full identification just once and thereafter, note "(your name)", (as above).

9. Follow the common format, but if you cannot, that's OK.

10. Text only; no graphics. We set the type based upon your suggestions. But, we'll try to give everyone a good play for what they want to buy or want to sell. We want to help you move your equipment and materials and help you acquire what you need.

11. Send your text and payment to FICOA, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213; make check, money order, (or postage stamps) to "FICOA"

12. When you acquire what you have listed or have disposed of the same, notify us immediately. Otherwise, you'll have to answer unnecessary inquiries.

Construction Equipment

Cement Mixer: Gilson; 1/2 horsepower 115 volt AC electric motor; 3.25 cubic foot capacity; handwheel control; very good condition; stored in dry place and runs very well: $150  Hank Landa, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213,    (414) 259-6492,   or

*Do not click on this e-mail address since it has some gibberish attached to confound the "SPAM ROBOTS" which march across the Internet vacuuming up e-mail addresses; Use it as you see it (write it down & then use it).

Symons steel-framed concrete forms; good condition & stored indoors; many accessories; mainly 5 foot tall, from 24" wide on down to 12" width. Make offer. Hank Landa, as above.

Hand Pump for P.O.L. (Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants, Diesel & Fuel Oil): for use with barrels or can be fitted with i.p. (iron pipe) threaded pipe for deep reach (such as into underground tanks). Lists new at $134.66   Excellent condition. $35.  Hank Landa, as above.

July 05