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A listing of books, which are either rare or are first editions, or are both.

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an American history series (an incomplete set) The American Nation - a history, edited by Albert Bushnell Hart. All books are cloth hard-covered, in fair-to-good condition and contain between 348 to 369 pages.

The American Revolution 1776-1783 by Claude Halstead Van Tyne (1905)

The Confederation and The Constitution 1783-1789 by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin (1905)

Westward Expansion 1841-1850 by George Pierce Garrison (1906)

An Appeal to Arms 1861-1863 by James Kendall Hosmer (1907)

Sold only as a set; each book weighs about two pounds. $12 + S&H for the entire set


The Bismarck Episode  by Russell Grenfell (1948), 219 pp., maps and many illustrations, 22 cm./8.5 in., cloth hardcover, fair condition (part of #1 cover was removed by a tri-color collie). " ... a full account of the discovery, pursuit, and destruction of the German Battleship Bismarck. Although written soon after the war, extensive records of the action have been drawn on from both sides. Full of details, although more technical and performance data could have been provided on the aircraft and ships involved. However, some of the shortcomings of the British forces were expounded upon. Closing with and fighting the Bismarck was a mighty effort and the author indicates the difficulty of the problems in decision-making encountered by commanders. Cutting through "the fog of war" in real time is much different than hindsight.  All in all, an excellent piece of naval history."  -  hcl   $7 + S&H    E 10

Butterfield 8  by John O'Hara (1935), 310 pp.,   cloth hardcover, first edition, good-fair condition, sans dust jacket        $11 + S&H  or $13.75 postpaid    upper stacks

Casablanca by Howard Koch (1973), Overlook Press, Woodstock, NY, 223 pp., cloth bound, first printing, good-fair condition. Includes complete, final shooting script, introduction by Koch (main screenwriter of Casablanca), analysis by Corliss, and reviews. $15 + S & H  upper stacks

Raymond Chandler Speaking  [a collection of letters] edited by Dorothy Gardiner and Kathrine Sorley Walker (1962), 23 cm./9 in., cloth hardcover, very good condition.    "Raymond Chandler authored some of the most well-known detective mysteries that were made into movies. The list includes The Big Sleep, Farewell My Lovely, The Lady in the Lake, and The High Window (movie title: The Brasher Doubloon). This writer, having seen all of these films and read the Chandler books, may suggest that, given the clear and elegant writing style of Chandler, the screen plays 'wrote themselves.' [Another example of a story that 'wrote itself' into a screen play was The Maltese Falcon by Hammet (see below). But then, I digress.] In this collection of letters, by Chandler, to his publishers, friends, et al, Chandler discusses his work , himself, the mystery novel, the craft of writing, film and television, cats, publishing, famous crimes, and his novels, short stories and Philip Marlowe. If you're into detective stories or detective movies or writing, this is a book for you. Fascinating!"  -  hcl    $9 + S&H    On loan to DG archive

Essays in Our Changing Order, a collection of the works of Thorstein Veblen (1934) Viking Press, 472 pp., 20.5 cm./8.2 in., hardcover, no dust jacket, good condition, first edition. $30 + S & H  FOUND (AT LAST) IN THE ARCHIVES    E 10

General Notions of Chemistry  by J. Pelouze and E. Fremy (1854) 439 pp., 20 cm./7.9 in., cloth hardbound, good condition, believed to be a first edition and rare.  "chemistry and compounds, described in plain terms, as known and understood in or about 1854."  -  hcl  $40 + S&H   E 10

The Lyrics of Noel Coward (1973) 418 pp., softcover, Near-mint condition. $17 + S&H   upper stacks

The Life and Ideas of Marquis de Sade  by Geoffrey Gorer  (1962, 1963), 250 pp., cloth hardcover, good condition, sans dust jacket, first edition.  $7 + S&H  or $9.75 postpaid

Wallis and Edward - Letters 1931 - 1937, The Intimate Correspondence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor  edited by Michael Bloch (1986), 367 pp., hardcover w/dust jacket, near-min condition.  $ 11 + S&H   upper stacks

Dictionary of Film Makers  by Georges Sadoul (1972), University of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles, 288 pp., cloth cover w/dust jacket, excellent condition. "... an extensive listing of film-makers, e.g. animators, art directors, directors, choreographers, editors, composers, cinematographers, scenarists; brief personal description; and list of film credits. A massive reference useful for the serious film historian and/or teacher. Translated from the French by Peter Morris."  -  hcl  $11 + S&H     upper stacks

Gamesmanship, The Theory and Practice of   or  The Art of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating  by Stephen Potter, cloth hardcover, near mint condition, dust jacket in fair condition.  $9 + S&H

Giant  by Edna Ferber (1952) 447 pp., cloth hardcover in excellent condition sans dust jacket, first edition.  $13.20 postpaid   upper stacks

Goldwyn - a biography  by A. Scott Berg (1989), Alfred A. Knopf, NYC, 580 pp., hardcover, cloth, mint condition with dustcover, first edition. $20 + S & H or $22.50 postpaid in U.S.  upper stacks

Hollywood Directors, 1941 - 1976  by Richard Koszarski (1977), Oxford University Press, 426 pp., cloth cover, good condition. "... an exceptionally interesting compilation of short biographical sketches with pungent comments regarding the director's style and thoughts (about a page, only) and then, in the directors' own words (as first-person narrative), a description of what what a director's job is and how he, personally, goes about doing it. From Orson Welles through Roger Corman. Lively reading, in the extreme!"  -  hcl  $20 + S&H   upper stacks

The Horse's Mouth  by Joyce Carey (1944), 311 pp., cloth hardcover, very good condition, first edition.  $27 + S&H  or $30 postpaid in U.S.   upper stacks

The Kinsey Report - Sexual Behavior of the Human Female  by the Staff of the Institute for Sex Research, Indiana University; Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin, and Paul H. Gebhard (1953) 842 pp., cloth hardcover, sans dust jacket, near mint condition.  $17 + S&H  or $19.35 postpaid in U.S.   E 10

Fritz Lang - the Nature of the Beast, a biography by Patrick McGilligan (1997), St. Martin's Press, NYC, 548 pp., 25.4 cm./10 in., hardcover w/dust jacket, mint condition, first edition. $22.50 + S & H   upper stacks

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert - The classic novel in the original French language; perfect for the French language student or teacher of French literature.   (1857; 1961 version; 1964 printing), 410 pages, Appendices run from p. 413 through p. 503, paperback, good condition, printed in France by "Brodard et Taupin - Inprimeur -Relieur, Paris-Coulommiers. - France"      $5   plus shipping and handling  or  $6.33 postpaid in the U.S.  upper stacks

The Mark of Zorro  by Johnston McCulley, 192 pp., paperback, fair to good condition. "This is the original work from which was drawn the 1921 film (Doug Fairbanks, Sr.), the 1939 20th Century-Fox film (Tyrone Power), and a host of remakes. This printing is 1958 with a 1924 copyright notice; the original work, called The Curse of Capistrano, must have preceded the 1921 film! The 1921 Fairbanks' film most closely follows McCulley's book."  -  hcl   $5 + S&H  or $7 postpaid   upper stacks

The Moon & Sixpence  by W. Somerset Maugham  (1919; 1941 Heritage Reprint edition w/illustrations by Frederic Dorr Steele and Paul Gauguin, 282 pp., cloth hardcover library binding, good condition, ex-lib, sans dust jacket.   $4.50 + S&H or $7 postpaid  upper stacks

The Moon Is Down  by John Steinbeck  (1942), 188 pp., cloth hardcover, excellent condition, sans dust jacket, rare first edition.  $22 + S&H  or $23.50 postpaid   upper stacks

Life Stories of the Movie Stars - Volume I (1916), 64 pp., 17 cm./6.7 in., paperback, very good condition. "An authentic piece of memorabilia (1916!) starting with May Allison, G.M. "Bronco Billy" Anderson, Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle ... through Clara Kimball Young. All the stars of the 1916 movie screen are here."  -  hcl   $12 + S&H  or $14 postpaid.    upper stacks

The Book of the Navy  by John Frost (1842), 344 pp., 23 cm./9.1 in., bound in 19th century binding, spine cover is missing, front cover is detached, otherwise in good condition and complete, first edition, very rare, numerous engravings, portraits on steel. $60 + S&H 

Paths of Glory by Humphrey S. Cobb (1935) Viking Press, NYC, 265 pp.,20.5 cm./8.3 in., hardcover first edition with dust jacket, good condtion.    "Among anti-war novels, Paths of Glory is in the first rank, alongside of All Quiet on the Western Front, Red Alert (the movie title was Doctor Strangelove ..), and On the Beach. It also made it to the movie screen (same title, 1957) after a major effort by Kirk Douglas to get it made. [How do you rate a classic?]"  -  hcl   $60 + S&H   or $62.75 postpaid   upper stacks

Quentin Durward  by Sir Walter Scott, Bart.(1923; 1933 printing), 422 pp., 24 cm,/9.5 in., cloth hardcover, several full-color illustrations, good condition.  $35 + S&H    upper stacks

Shake Hands With The Devil  by Rearden Conner (1934), 304 pp., cloth hardcover, first edition, good condition, sans dust jacket.  $5 +S&H  or $7.75 postpaid    upper stacks

The Thirty-Nine Steps  by John Buchan  (1915, 1916 & 1919), Houghton Mifflin Company, U.S.A., 231 pp., hardcover, good condition. [To avoid confusion, the dates noted above are copyrights and this is a single book, not several.]  $12 + S&H   upper stacks

Waterfront - a novel  by Budd Schullberg (1955) [The novel upon which the Academy Award-winning motion picture, On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, was based.], hardcover, good condition, first printing. $12 + S & H   upper stacks

The Wayward Bus  by John Steinbeck (1947) 312 pp., cloth hardcover in good condition sans dust jacket, first edition.  $12.40 postpaid    upper stacks

Mr. Arkadin - The Secret Sordid Life of an International Tycoon  by Orson Welles (1956, 1958 Pyramid Books Edition), 191 pp., paperback.  "Orson Welles only attempt at novel writing." - hcl  $3 + S&H or $4.60 postpaid in U.S.    upper stacks


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