the little green book of Chairman L

An excerpt from Waste Material Management:

the Little Green Book of Chairman L

[This is a tongue-in-cheek presentation which  abstracts the theories (or principles) set forth in this work. It is a bit of a parody of the Chinese Communist commandments derived from the thoughts of Mao Tse-tung as enunciated in "The Little Red Book of Chairman Mao".]

1. Research and develop information on the material, the process, and the methods of disposal.

2. The material that is not acquired needs no disposal.

3. Substitute a material that carries a lesser disposal cost.

4. Reduce all internal waste.

5. Reduce all external waste.

6. Reuse the materials.

7. Reuse the packaging.

8. Outsource the process.

9. Separate and segregate waste early in the process.

10. Educate everybody in your system, inside and outside.

11. Re-manufacture and retrofit products.

12. De-manufacture, salvage, and recycle all that you can.

13. Decompose waste materials into less obnoxious or into more valuable forms.

14. Recompose, chemically, and restore the material into its original or convert into another useful form.

15. Accumulate, segregate, and store waste materials while seeking an ultimate solution.

16. Use landfill as a last resort for disposal.

17. Encase toxic, non-degradable materials for permanent storage / burial.

18. Incinerate after segregation and with great care.

19. Develop markets for your wastes.

20. Be aware of, examine closely, and connect with institutions and governments.

21. Apply short and long run economic measures to your processes.


These brief "thoughts" require intense examination and explanation and, in no way, replace the text previously offered. These "thoughts" are no more than a bare-bones summary of waste management principles.

Waste Material Management, an Approach to the General Theory of  (the book) waste material management, including reduction, reuse, utilization, recycling, etc.; a monograph designed for a college course (a curriculum)

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