Henry C. Landa

 [This biography follows the Who's Who format, with its mass of abbreviations.] 

H. C. Landa     Landa, Henry C., semi-retired engineer and teacher of Industrial Engineering and Management; small press publisher; adjunct faculty member

 B.S.M.E., 1958;  M.S.M.E.(I.E.), 1963; M.B.A., 1965; U. of Wis.-Madison. 

U.S. Army Airborne, 1954-56;   U.S. Army Reserve, 1st Sgt. (entirely in charge of training), 1958-59;    The Standard Oil Co. (Ohio), project engineer and manager, 1959-62;     Academic Staff: U. of Wis. 1964-65;  Independent Lecturer at Marquette U., 1965-68;   Pressed Steel Tank Co., supervisor, 1965-66;    Wis. Gas. Co., economics studies engineer,  1966-67;     Gateway Technical College (formerly Kenosha Technical Institute), program chairman in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Design, Logistics (Materials Management), originator of Supervisory Management program [first in the U.S.], 1967-98;   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / College of  Engineering & Applied Science, adjunct faculty, 2002-present*;

Sound with Pictures, 1960;  Silencer Theory, 2 Eds., 1979 & 2003; The Solar Energy Handbook, 6 Eds., 1974-2005;  The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook, 12 Eds., 1976-2011;  The Political Handbook for Student Government Operations, 15 Eds., 1997-2011;  Adjunct Faculty -  The Management of Part-Time Academic Teaching Staff, 2001, Waste Material Management, an Approach to the General Theory of, (a college text and curriculum) 2003-2008; The On-the-Job-Training Handbook, 4 Eds., 2007-2010; The Political Handbook for Small & Local Government Operations, 2012; Theft by Employees - Detection, Prevention & Countermeasures, 2012; Management, Administration, Supervision & Bureaucracy, 2012

Professional Engineer. (License is intact and current.)

American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Sr. Member.

*Independent lecturer in M.E. 150, "How Things Work - Understanding Technology"; originator and lecturer in  M.E. 490, "Waste Material Management".