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For books:

Add S&H (Shipping and Handling) to your book price total, thusly:

    $3.00 per order plus $.95 per book (surface U.S. mail).

    $5.00 per order plus $1.50 per book (U.S. Priority Mail)

    $9.00 per order plus $2.50 per book (UPS 2nd Day)


If a book is also marked "Postpaid":

"Postpaid" means that the cost of handling and shipping within the U.S. is included in that price, i.e. we pay for shipping that item and there is no handling fee. Shipping is usually via U.S. Mail "Book Rate" or via "Media Mail".


For other items (Moviestuff):

    Add $3.00 per order plus the actual shipping cost, based upon your shipping preference. You may to contact us by e-mail to determine the actual cost. Some items are very heavy! And, we package to withstand severe handling.

Contact Us  

To Order:

Make check or money order out to "FICOA"*.    Payment must accompany order.

Include a note or memo (or purchase order) indicating what is ordered.

And, be sure to clearly state the destination address.

Send to FICOA, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213-4248

It is useful to include your e-mail address. That will allow us to acknowledge the order and inform you about the actual shipping.


To Reserve a book that you intend to order:

Send us an e-mail indicating your intention. We will place the book on reserve, awaiting your order with payment, for ten (10) working days.


Notes, Abbreviations, and trivia:

*"FICOA" is the acronym of The Film Instruction Company of America, a very small press publisher, originally in motion picture production and film supply, established in 1960.  FICOA specializes in technical books, including some of the items listed elsewhere on this website. . All FICOA publications carry a money-back guarantee. This website is part of FICOA.


Contact Us at:  FICOA, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213-4248


*Do not click on this e-mail address since it has some gibberish attached to confound the "SPAM ROBOTS" which march across the Internet vacuuming up e-mail addresses; Use it as you see it (write it down & then use it).

                             phone:   (414) 258 - 6492   ... ask for Hank

It has been the practice of clients to contact us to verify the availability and total cost of items offered on this website. This is a good practice and we welcome it. Although we try to keep the listings up-to-date, errors are made. So, give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will respond promptly.


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