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a listing of books for sale on motorcycles and motorcycling that are mostly out-of-print that can provide valuable information on older motorcycles and enlightenment on motorcycling in general and from an historical viewpoint

Books about the motorcycles, motorcycling, and the people connected with the entire business and sport will make thoughtful and treasured gifts ... and delightful reading.

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The listing is in alphabetical order by author, topic, or book title. Some entries are listed in several places to help in finding an item.

Beginner's Guide to Motorcycling (The Complete) by Bernhard A. Roth, hardcover, ex-lib  174 pp., good condition $6 + S&H or 8.39 postpaid in U.S. E 10

BSA - Service. Repair Handbook; All 500 & 650cc Unit Construction Twins Clymer Publication, paperback, ex-lib 164 pp., fair condition $6 + S&H or 7.89 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Buyer's Guide (Petersen's Motorcycle) by the Editors of Motorcyclist Magazine copyright 1973, 192 pp., hardcover, ex-lib good-to-fair condition, $2 + S&H or $4.90 postpaid in U.S.  sold! Shipped Aug. 29, 2009

An Illustrated History (of) Motorcycles  by Erwin Tragatsch (1980), 64 pp. -less 11 pp., (some pages missing; damaged; some photos cut out) cloth hardcover, ex-lib. " ... a marvelous illustrated history with many photos and some posed color shots of long-gone brands, many of which young Americans (and many Brits) never heard of. There is a large color shot of the Douglas, the brand of bike that  Robert Edison Fulton, Jr. rode around the world (See One Man Caravan, below). The Douglas had a horizontally opposed twin engine where the cylinders were in line with the longitudinal axis of the bike ... most unusual, but it worked!"  -  hcl  $5 + S&H  or  $7.90 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Motorcycle Racing by Peter Carrick (1969), 142 pp., large format, cloth hardcover, library binding, ex-lib, excellent condition, profusely illustrated. $11 + S&H  or $13.56 postpaid in U.S.

Motorcycle Service Manual; 4 stroke; multi-cylinder; volume 4-4th edition copyright 1975, ex-lib, large format paperback; 264 pp., fair condition; covers BSA, BMW, Bennelli, Gilera, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Yamaha; pleny of exploded view diagrams  $3 + S&H  or $6.20 postpaid in U.S.

Motorcycles - from the Inside Out (and how to keep them right side up)  by Michael M. Griffin (1978), 239 pp., hardcover, ex-lib, fair - poor condition but thoroughly serviceable. " ... a brief history of motorcycles development followed by how to ride, safety, clothing, off-road operations, noise, engine information, tools, basic care, troubleshooting, choosing a bike. A rather good piece of work and one of the best for the new biker."  - hcl  $5 + S&H  or $7.25 postpaid in U.S.

Motorcycling - a Guiness Superlatives Guide  by Peter Carrick (1980) 223 pp., w/index, large format (11.5" x 8.2") cloth hard cover library binding, ex-lib. " ... a nifty history of competition cycling with emphasis in more recent action. Lots of photos."  - hcl  $6 + S&H  or  $9.20 postpaid in U.S.

The New Book of Motorcycles  by Erik Arctander (1968) 112 pp., cloth hardcover, rated in fair - poor condition since some pages have been defaced by some youngster, ex-lib, " ... many illustrations with specifications and performance data on many vintage motorcycles. Nice survey of American and British motorcycles with specifications and performance data. A worthwhile addition to the collection of any serious student of motorcycling, regardless of the condition of this item. An interesting entry is of the Brough, which held world speed records between 1924 and 1937 ... this was the bike that T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) got killed on. An American test driver and reviewer found that a similar bike, while powerful in the extreme, was woefully lacking in braking power, a common complaint. The BSA Gold Star, however, was extraordinarily great at stopping: 30 ft. to a dead stop at 30 mph ... Wow!" - hcl  $7 + S&H  or $8.94 postpaid in U.S.

The Road Rider, a Guide to on-the-road Motorcycling by Robin Perry, 152 pp., hardcover, ex-lib, very good condition, many photos, $5 + S&H or $6.90 postpaid in U.S.

Smithsonian Institution; U.S. National Museum Bulletin 204; Catalog of the Cycle Collection of the Division of Engineering covers bicycles and early motorcycles, 40 pages coated paper with drawings and photos; for the collector  $3 + S&H or $4.50 postpaid in U.S.

Suzuki - Service. Repair Handbook; 380-750cc Triples. 1972-1977 Clymer Publication, paperback, ex-lib 159 pp., fair condition $4 + S&H or 5.89 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Suzuki - GS & GSX1100 Fours -Service. Repair. Performance;  1980-1981 Clymer Publication, paperback, ex-lib  pagination uncertain, but it is 11/16" thick and in good condition $6 + S&H or 8.39 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Suzuki - GS400-450 Twins; Service. Repair. Performance 1977-1983 Clymer Publication, paperback, ex-lib  pagination uncertain, but it is 11/16" thick and in very good condition $6 + S&H or 8.39 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Two Wheel Travel Motorcycle Camping and Touring  by the staff at Motorcycle Magazine (1972) 130 pp., large format (14.5" x 10.5") softcover. " ... a guide to preparing for touring and camping that is a must-read for cyclists ... unless you want to be marooned in some hellish, out-of-the-way spot. A sampling of content: fairings, selecting a machine, buying a used bike, side cars, loading the front end, troubleshooting on the road, cheap insurance (protecting your bike from being stolen), long distance riding technique, clothing, breaking in a machine, credit cards, maps and guides, [camping:] tents, less-than-tent-roofs, making your own camping gear, sleeping bags, some useful book reviews, backpacks, lightweight foods, found food (gathering edibles in the wild)  $6 + S&H  or  $8.76 postpaid in U.S.

Well Made in America  by Peter C. Reid (1990), 226 pp., w/index, hardcover, excellent condition, sans dust jacket (if there ever was one! ... doubtful!). " ... recent history of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co.; details turnaround of H-D from early 1980's when company and brand were flat on their backs. Useful from a quality control and corporate strategy standpoint or if you're a Harley fan."  -  hcl  [The reviewer (hcl) used this book in teaching Quality Management. Also, Landa has been a long-time biker and at one time owned a brand-new, best-in-the-world bike, a 1953 Harley K-model. The K model was, at the time in its introduction combined, performance, handling, ride, and unsurpassed H-D reliability, which no other machine, at that time, even approached!]  $23.75 + S&H  or  $26.09

Yamaha - XS750 Triples . 1976-1979 includes Special -Service. Repair. Performance Clymer Publication, paperback, ex-lib,  233 pp. and in fair condition $4 + S&H or 7.39 postpaid in U.S. E 10

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  - an Inquiry into Values  by Robert M. Pirsig (1974), 406 pp., paperback, good condition. "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is an unforgettable trip" -TIME  $2 + S&H or $3.50 postpaid   E 10 ovhd


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Some definitions:

    cloth hardcover: covering is actually cloth, a more durable and costly material than paper.

    hardcover: a durable-bound book with cardboard covers encased in paper, cloth, leatherette, leather, or composition material simulating leather or cloth; binding is usually sewn, but not always. Typical textbooks and some trade books may look like sewn bindings but are glued, which is a much cheaper alternative.

    large format: larger than average page size. Most trade and text books have been, traditionally, about 8" high x 5" wide; a trimmed down dimension from raw stock printing papers which used to start at 36" x 24". Large format books tend toward 11" high x 8.5" wide or the page size approximately equal to a standard sheet of typing or copy paper.

    library binding: the best cover and binding of all; usually buckram cloth covers with a sewn binding and intended for the most rugged service and long life. This binding lends itself to repair and re-binding. Occasionally, listed and offered along with softcover and trade binding but, at an extra premium price. Books intended for archival used ought to be library bound. (Buckram is a stiff cotton cloth, usually sized with a coating and used,  mainly, for covering books. It is extremely durable.)

    paperback: a softbound (softcover) book of a small size, usually 7 (+/-) inches high by 4.25 inches wide with (almost always) a glued binding. The famous "PocketŪ" and "BantamŪ" books are examples of the small paperback.

    softcover: a book with a heavy paper or light card stock cover. Binding may be sewn (rare), but is usually glued or may be stapled. Size varies widely from the "paperback" size up to (usually) 8.5 x 11 inches. This type of binding (usually glued) is becoming more common for short-lived books, e.g., textbooks.

  ex-lib; a.k.a. library discard : a book drawn from circulation and sold, given away, or thrown out ... discarded. Since libraries are short of two things, money and shelf space, their collections are rolled over: out with the old, in with the new, regardless of merit. Some librarians are as insensitive and coarse as the stereotypical junk / salvage yard operator. Many of the books are classic works or are of extraordinary value as references, but that have exhibited limited circulation. Often, the dust jackets are still intact, but covered with a slippery plastic cover. Inside, between the #2 cover and the first blank leaf, is the telltale remains of the date sheet and other library imprints. Some libraries go to the trouble of stamping "DISCARDED" all over the book. However, the value as literature can't be diminished although the value, to book collecting purists is virtually nil.

Taking care of books (a few tips): Don't leave books laying around haphazardly; put them on shelves. Try to keep books out of the sunlight; it fades the covers. Many printing inks contain dyes and will fade under sunlight. Cover the books if you can; it keeps dust and dirt off and keeps them in "mint" condition longer. When putting down a book (during reading), don't lay it face down with the covers upward; that's hard on the binding - use a bookmark to keep your place.

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