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Listing equipment, films of interest to movie buffs, moviemakers, and film students that have stuff* that they want to give away or sell or stuff* that they are looking for.


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7. An entry is defined as a half typewritten page, pica (10 per inch), double-spaced with 1" margins. That works out to 182 standard words; we round off to 200 words per entry. That should be quite adequate to define and describe materials and equipment. You may split up your entry into several entries if you have several items that you want listed.

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11. Send your text and payment to FICOA, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213; make check, money order, (or postage stamps) to "FICOA"

*"stuff" is defined as movie cameras, lenses, accessories, lab and editing equipment, film handling material, outdated film or chemicals, projectors, books, and, of course, films.

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The Listing(s)

16mm Motion Picture Cameras

Kodak K-100 Turret 16mm Advanced Amateur / Professional Movie Camera; a negator spring-driven camera with two prime lenses: 15mm wide-angle and 25mm standard Kodak Ektar lenses. Negator spring drive permits a 40 foot continuous filming without rewinding. May be fitted with electric motor drive. Hand crank accessory for special effects and has single-frame exposure for animation work. $400 plus shipping.    Hank Landa, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213,    (414) 259-6492,  


Projection / Exhibition Equipment

CinemaScope Lenses

CinemaScope lens for Projection of 16mm. film, 2 inch focal length by Bausch & Lomb ( "2 X Horizontal Expansion" ): This is the real McCoy! The lens built by the folks that produced the CinemaScope lenses for 35mm. camera and theater operations for the CinemaScope  pioneer, 20th Century-Fox . In excellent condition (in original box) with adapter sleeve for Ampro Premier, RCA, and Victor projectors. $110 plus shipping cost. Hank Landa (as above)

Film Handling Equipment/Accessories

16mm Film Rewind with hand brake  This is a large rewind (9 lbs. is shipping weight) with a cast aluminum body; in excellent condition (the previous owner obviously took good care of it)

$23 plus shipping cost. (You let us know where you are and we will provide a shipping cost, hopefully in the U.S.A.)



Poster (reduction b&w reproduction): The League of Frightened Men w/Walter Connolly as Nero Wolf  $1.50 postpaid


16mm Movies: Feature Films & Shorts; Theatrical and Non-Theatrical. Click here: 16mm Feature Films  A listing of motion picture feature films including descriptions.


Special Films: Catholic Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII:

Coronation of Pope Pius XII (16mm, silent, B & W) 400 ft. / 10+ minutes, mint condition, (Castle Film production of newsreel - News Parade). $25 + S&H

Pope Pius XI (16mm, B & W, silent) 400 ft. / 10 minutes, mint condition. (Excel Films). $25 + S&H


Kodak   D-19   Developer

For Scientific, Technical and Aerial Photography

To make 5 U.S. Gallons

Single powder: Follow directions carefully. Dissolve entire contents upon opening can.

Directions: Open can with a puncture-type opener and slowly pour the contents into 5 gallons (U.S.) or 19 liter of water at about 100F. or 38C., with continuous stirring. Continue until chemicals are dissolved completely and a uniform solution is obtained.

For Use: For films and plates for scientific and technical use (e.g. Kodak Spectroscopic, and films for aerial, commercial, or press photography), use without dilution and develop as recommended in the directions for the particular material.

Notice: Exposure to photographic developers may occasionally cause irritation of the skin. This may be due to a skin allergy or to a primary irritation from one or more of the components. In particular, avoid contact with the powder. Eastman Kodak Company will not be responsible for any skin ailment caused by this product. Kodak chemicals will be replaced if defective in manufacture, laveling, or packaging. Except for such replacement, their sale is without warranty or liability of any kind.

Net Wt

6 Lb 11 Oz

(3.03 Kilos)

Eastman Kodak Company

We have 7 cans of D-19 at $4 per can plus shipping & handling.


Shipping and Handling: Since the items on this web page vary in size and weight and will be sent various distances, a $2 handling (packaging and moving to a shipper i.e., USPS or UPS) plus whatever shipping fee is required.

The cheapest method may be to pick the item up here, at our base, in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) since there would be no handling or shipping cost. And, you can examine the item of interest.

To determine the actual shipping cost, drop us an e-mail and we will find out, based upon your preference of transport. Our e-mail address is


Contact Us at:  FICOA, 5928 W. Michigan St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213-4248


*Do not click on this e-mail address since it has some gibberish attached to confound the "SPAM ROBOTS" which march across the Internet vacuuming up e-mail addresses; Use it as you see it (write it down & then use it).

                             phone:   (414) 258 - 6492   ... ask for Hank

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