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This web page links with topics of diverse interest, mainly of a non-political nature.

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Adjunct Faculty  [book] The Management of Part-Time Academic Teaching Staff (First Edition, 2001) .

Automotive Aerodynamics Data & Book Reviews  Books of interest to engineers, designers, and those interested in aerodynamic performance, economics, and power requirements of land vehicles of all types. Books reviewed cover a wide range of topics, theory, and applications. 

Books of the Cinema  Books, new and used, covering all aspects of motion pictures: personalities, films, production, directors, authors, etc.

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Construction Equipment Exchange at Milwaukee: the listing of construction equipment and materials which contractors and individuals want to buy or give away or items that are needed ... an internet want ad web page for the Milwaukee area ... and at very low cost!

Energy Policy for All Levels of Society a web page dedicated to A proposal, with suggestions, for establishing an energy policy for individuals, the family, the busness, corporate, and organizational unit, and government

Industrial Engineering Associate Degree Curriculum The latest and most comprehensive curriculum for the two-year degree in industrial engineering (Technician): Explanations, Program layout, Course descriptions.   

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MovieStuff A web page dedicated to that intrepid band of movie buffs, moviemakers, and film students that have equipment, films, and materials that they want to sell or give away or things that they are looking for.

Silencer Theory (the book); a non-mathematical discussion of the reduction or suppression of sound from gas producing devices such as internal combustion engines, industrial exhausts, air-driven machinery, and firearms.

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Soap Making: Book Reviews & Data  Soap making at home is a useful and environmentally friendly hobby. Making a range of soaps, from the simple to the exotic, is easy. This web page contains book reviews and some useful data. Making soap from waste fat converts a material which usually finds its way to landfills into a pleasant and satisfying product. The books reviewed give excellent explanations of the process and offer many recipes. Other soap making data is also included.

The Solar Energy Handbook     the standard reference for the engineer, architect, designer, constructor, and owner of the solar energy served building, devices, or operation.

Student Government Operations  This web page contains excerpts from the latest Political Handbook for Student Government Operations, provides a sampling of the content, a review, and library cataloging data.

Waste Exchange Newsletter  A web page, offered at no cost, to industry, commerce, and institutions in the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin region. It is modeled after an operation in the St. Louis, MO area whereby local organizations created a market to trade, buy and/or sell waste products by listing stuff they had or wanted. This activity supplements sending the waste material to land fills. Material, such as packaging, can be reused or used for different purposes by another organization. The newsletter is based on the old adage that, "One person's junk is another's treasure."

Waste (Material) Management & Environmental Issues  A compilation of book reviews on waste material management, including  reduction, reuse, utilization, recycling, etc. and related environmental issues.

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