Police Administration Intro to

A Systems / Behavioral Approach with Case Studies

by Robert Sheehan, College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University


Gary W. Cordner, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

(1979) Addison - Wesley Publishing Company, 479 pp., 24 cm./9.5 in., hardcover, very good condition.   $8 + S&H  or $10.50 postpaid

" ... a college textbook, well-organized for intensive learning. Each chapter begins with 'Learning Objectives', ... then the chapter topic, and ends with 'Summary' and 'Discussion Questions'. The book has six case studies for analysis and discussion. 

[The reviewer (hcl) a has an M.B.A., has been a keen student of management and organization for all of his life, and was the founder of a supervisory - management program at the technical college level. He is not nor was not a lawman.]

From a management standpoint, this book gets high grades. The technical, managerial, political, and leadership skills of a successful police administrator are the determinants of a successful police force. This work emphasizes the behavioral aspects properly ... behavior has been neglected by most managers due to a lack of education (mainly, psychology and organizational behavioral studies).

Police forces are traditionally militaristic structures. This is to be expected. Although we operate in a democratic system, most of our organizations, including public ones, are authoritarian in nature. Most of these ought not to be authoritarian but police forces must be to properly enforce the law.

The authors have provided the structure for an excellent course; the problem for the police science program is to get a good instructor into the classroom to get the maximum benefit from the outstanding book.


Police Administration in Historical and Social Context

A Systems Approach to Police Administration

Basic Police Subsystem Tasks

Basic Principles of Police Organization

The Basic Functions of Police Management

The Chief of Police

The Individual in the Police Organization

Groups in the Police Organization

Leadership in the Police Organization

Communication and Information Flow in the Police Organization

Policies, Procedures, and Rules and Regulations in the Police Organization

Contemporary Approaches to Organizational Improvement

Police Organizational Improvement

Basic Issues in Police Administration

Case Studies

Index ' "  -  hcl


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