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Roosevelt and Hopkins - An Intimate History  by Robert E. Sherwood (1948), 979 pp., cloth hardcover, good condition.  " ... the story of Harry Hopkins, FDR's right-hand man and political advisor, an exceptionally influential person in national policy. Robert Sherwood  served  FDR from 1940 through 1945 and was a dramatist and screenwriter of considerable note and skill before and after.  He knew Hopkins well and was expecting Hopkins to write a book on FDR. But Hopkins, never in good health, died without publishing. This prompted Sherwood, who had no intention of doing a book on FDR [There was an avalanche of FDR books after 1945.], to pull together his notes and write this outstanding work. Sherwood's original intention was to turn over his notes to the FDR library and allow scholars access to the information. 

Sherwood wrote the screenplay for The Best Years of Our Lives ... which won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay.    4.0#"  -  hcl     $9 + S&H  or $12 postpaid

Roosevelt: The Lion and The Fox  by James MacGregor Burns (1956), 553 pp., paperback, fair condition*. " ... the definitive political biography of FDR. Well-written in lively style; very readable. Although it does not cover World War II in any detail, it does explain what Franklin Delano Roosevelt was all about ... warts and all. Roosevelt's style, to a great extent, fitted each era and although his relationships with Admirals Leahy and King and General Marshall are not touched touched on here, that does not detract from the value of the work. * [The condition of this copy is rated fair since this reviewer has owned it for years and has marked the #2 cover and facing page with page references and notes. It has been an excellent source of political wisdom ... most valuable to the serious student of political operations! It's hard to part with this item.] The highest rating: 4.0#"  -  hcl   $5 + S&H  or $6.50 postpaid.

Mr. President - In this historic volume the President of the United States, while in office, makes public much of his personal diaries, letters and notes. by William Hillman; pictures by Alfred Wagg (1952), 253 pp., large format cloth hardcover-library binding, excellent condition, dust jacket is in fair condition. " ... an authorized version of the documents of Harry S. Truman.  An exceptional source which provides insight into the President, whom upon leaving office had very low popularity ratings, but as time went by rose in the esteem of historians and the public." - hcl    $9 + S&H  or  $11.75 postpaid in U.S.



Crime Prevention through Urban Design - Defensible Space  by Oscar Newman (1972), Macmillan, NYC, 264 pp., cloth hardcover, good condition. Out-of-Print.  $9 + S&H  "  'This book is based on a study which was financed in part by a grant from the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice of the United States Department of Justice. The opinions and findings are those of the author.' - prefatory note. This book is the result of research and anecdotal observations on how the design of residences affects behavior and crime in housing projects. It is a work that all architects, urban planners, and housing managers should read and consider.

[The reviewer has spent considerable time in university dormitory systems and can easily recognize the principles and findings touched upon in this book. Design does have effects, positive and negative, upon behavior of residents.]

' "Defensible space" is a surrogate term for the range of mechanisms  --real and symbolic barriers, strongly defined areas of influence, and improved opportunities for surveillance --that combine to bring an environment under the control of its residents. A defensible space is a living residential environment which can be employed by inhabitants for the enhancement of their lives, while providing security for their families, neighbors, and friends.'

An extensive study covering: Defensible Space; The Problem; Territoriality; Natural Surveillance; Image and Milieu; Current Practitioners of Defensible Space; Modifying Existing Environments; Summary and Recommendations.

Cited in this book is a marvelous anecdote about two adjacent housing projects, designed by different architects. One project is a group of buildings, clustered to house six to eight families in inward-looking residences. The other project is a single, tall building reminiscent of what The Wall Street Journal has called an "anthill society". When the local police are called to the large building, the attitudes of both police and residents are hostile while a more friendly environment is prevalent across the street at the clustered buildings. A survey of residents in the tall structure revealed the belief that there was a lower population density within the clustered buildings (than in the large structure). The population density (people per square foot of land) was exactly the same. That was one of many factors examined in this excellent work."  -  hcl  d 3

Is Smoking Harmful?  by Jesse Mercer Gehman, N.D., M.N. (1950), 89 pp., cloth hardcover, near mint condition. " ... a bit of an anachronism, since smoking is generally considered unhealthy (today) and that was (in reality) general knowledge prior to 1950.  [Do the tobacco companies still protest?] The book is almost a collectible curiosity, but may be of some use to anti-smoking campaigns, which seem to be ineffective regardless of the great expenditures in advertising." - hcl $2 + S&H or $4.25 postpaid  d 3

The April Game - Secrets of an Internal Revenue Agent  by Diogenes* (1973) Playboy Press, 245 pp., no index, cloth hardcover, ex-lib, fair condition. " ... the life and times of an I.R.S. agent and very readable. Taxes and tax avoidance is a fascinating topic. The present Bush administration, with its hostility to government and bureaucracy, will likely reap reduced taxes, properly collected, since it is sending less agents into the field to check returns and the returns being checked tend towards those less likely to cheat. Translation: the big cheaters will more likely escape detection relative to the little cheaters."  - hcl  $3 + S&H  or  $5.25 postpaid in U.S.  E 3

*Diogenes the Cynic, c.400 - c.325 B.C.: "I am looking for an honest man." [Also attributed to Aesop.] Those of a literary inclination will recall the image of a man carrying a lantern looking, apparently in vain, for an honest man. This reviewer is unaware of the real name of the author since the "Diogenes" of this book is obviously a nom de plume [French]; pen name; pseudonym; professional name.

The American Revolution, 1763 - 1783 - a Marxist Interpretation  by Herbert Aptheker (1960), 304 pp., paperback, good condition. $6 postpaid   d 3

The Frontier in American History  by Frederick Jackson Turner (1920, 1947, 1962 reprint) 375 pp., paperback excellent condition. $2.50 + S&H  or  $4.30 postpaid in U.S.  d 3

Rise of the New West, 1819 - 1829  by Frederic Jackson Turner (1962 printing) 252 pp., paperback, excellent condition. $1.50 + S&H  or $2.94 postpaid in U.S.  d 3

Pocket History of the United States by Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager, paperback, 719 pp., fair to good condition.  $3 plus S&H or $5.25 postpaid d 3


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