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The Political Handbook for Student Government Operations, 4th Edition (2000), 196 pp. List price: $18.00.  A recent edition with less material, but very useful and you can't beat the price at $3 per copy + S & H. or $5 postpaid [It makes a good gift for the student activity enthusiast or student politician or as a reference for a student organization. (But, please, don't tell 'em how much you paid!)]

The Solar Energy Handbook, 5th Edition (1977) This edition is entirely out-of-print and is replaced by the 6th edition (2005) which has 343 pages and a 9 page index.... The Solar Energy Handbook, 6th Edition (2005) has a list price of $36.20 and a direct price (from FICOA) of $29.41 postpaid in the U.S. [This latest edition is not a remainder!   Click here The Solar Energy Handbook  to get more information on this book.

Lost Languages  by P.E. Cleator (1959) 192 pp., paperback, good condition. "from the hieroglyths of Egypt to the pictographs of Easter Island, P. E. Cleator studies the languages of ancient civilizations. Step by step he traces the archaeological discoveries and tells how crytologists carefully decipher their messages from the buried past." -from the #4 cover  $2.25 postpaid in U.S.

A Nation of Sheep  by William J. Lederer (1961) 144 pp., paperback, good condition. $2.25 postpaid in U.S.

The Carthage Connection - A National Security Policy Paper of the American Security Council Foundation   by Thomas B. Smith (1988) 160 pp., paperback, mint condition [list price $12.95]  $3.75 postpaid in U.S.



 *The bane of the publishing business is the over-run or over-production of an edition of a book. These over-runs result in what are called "remainders" ... the remaining, unsold books. These remainders are often recycled (read: "into the trash bin") or are sold to book dealers specializing in picking up remainders for pennies on the dollar. It is amazing how cheaply remainders can be bought, but it is less costly to the publishers than recycling. And, remaindering provides distribution and an economical outlet for many good and useful books.

We invite any dealers or bookstores (or individuals, for that matter) to bid on the remainders listed above. The main cost is packaging and shipping. Other economical means of acquisition may be used. [We leave that to your natural resourcefulness.]

 We will not turn down any ready-cash offer or turn away (from our door, literally) any serious bid.

Our policy, here at FICOA, is to bring out a new edition whenever new or revised additional material is developed, even though present stocks are not exhausted. Our books are technical books, not works of art. As such, continual improvement is our standard mode of operation. 

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