The Solar Energy Handbook,

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6th Edition (2005), the standard design & engineering reference; a practical engineering approach to the application of solar energy to the needs of man and environment

including sections on terrestrial cooling and wind power.

120,767 words; 301 pages; 8.5" x 11" format; soft cover* and library (hardcover) bindings are available (see prices at the bottom of this web page)

 by Henry C. Landa, Juliet M. L. Sanders, & Douglas C. Landa

1974 ... 2005;  Available NOW!

Sections include:

Introduction  (1,244 words; 3 pages)

How to Use this Handbook 526w;1p

Why Solar? - a Justification  918w, 2p

Theory   (10,950 words; 29 pages)

Glossary of Symbols & Units  958w, 3p

Climatic Data (explained)  467w, 1p

Thermodynamics  507w, 1p

Heat Balance Schematics & Equations  2161w, 8p

Load Factor  416w, 1p

Efficiency  732w, 2p

Insolation (incoming solar energy), Introduction to  1862w, 4p

Black Body - Absorber  1439w, 3p

Energy Transmission  834w, 2p

Energy Storage - General  805w, 2p

Collector  769w, 2p


General, Scientific & Engineering Data  (16,187 words; 37 pages)

Insolation  399w, 1p

Distribution of Solar Radiation  606w, 2p

Solar Orientation  1768w, 4p

Trigonometry  1866w, 4p

Degree Day - Heating  744w, 2p

Degree Day - Cooling  423w, 1p

Heat Capacity  3963w, 8p

Climatic Data  461w, 1p

Insulation  1619w, 4p

Carrier Media 1859w, 5p   

Energy Storage Technology  2479w, 5p



Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning  (33,098 words; 72 pages)

Solar Houses  949w, 2p

Nature of Demand (for energy)  1623w, 4p

Building Orientation  1192w, 2p

Collector  3448w, 7p

Efficiency  3040w, 6p

Black Body - Absorber  1595w, 3p

Circulation System  138w, 4p

Auxiliary Heating Plant  1496w, 3p

Heat Storage: the Heat Bin  5772w, 12p

Off-Season Aspects  510w, 1p

Unwanted Insolation  739w, 2p

Summer Cooling: General Comments  1170w, 3p

Terrestrial Cooling (a.k.a. "Geothermal Cooling") 3891w, 8p

Solar Cooling  996w,2p

Buying a Solar House  930w, 2p

Retrofit: the Conversion of Existing Structures  1612w, 4p

Design Procedure  2084w, 5p

Design Constants  670w, 2p


Other Applications  (16,697 words; 36 pages)

Water Heating  3043w, 7p

Water Distillation  1848w, 5p

Cooking Food  1713w, 4p

Process Acceleration  397w, 1p

Electrical Conversion  566w, 2p

Photovoltaic / Solar Cells, Batteries, Arrays & Panels  1675w, 5p

Transportation  1038w, 3p

Swimming Pool Heating  1579w, 4p

Industrial Uses  312w,1p

Waste Disposal & Processing  263w, 1p

Agricultural Applications  418w, 1p 

Wind Power (a brief analysis)  841w, 2p


Control  (6,917 words; 19 pages)

Controls, an Introduction  1180w, 3p

Operating & Control Logic  956w, 3p

Control Hardware  1476w, 4p

Servicing, Maintenance, & Operational Overrides  779w, 2p

Control Programs & Software  865w, 2p

Control Manuals; the Need for Information  947w, 3p

Manual System Control; an Alternative to Automatic Operation  714w, 2p


Economics  (2,368 words; 6 pages)

Introduction to Solar Economics  241w, 1p

Investment and Return  783w, 2p

Economic Life and Depreciation  1344w, 3p


Calculations & Programs  (10,110 words; 28 pages)

Introduction to the Languages (AOS and BASIC)  275w, 1p

Depreciation Calculation  577w, 3p

Furnace Size / Heat Loss of a Building  951w, 4p

Heat Bin Decay  1471w, 4p

Heat Bin Size  1252w, 3p

Parabolic Reflector  664w, 2p

Surface Insolation and Collection (of Energy)  2688w, 6p

Water Heating System, Design of  1830w, 4p

Energy Comparison Costs  402w, 1p


Readings, References, & Glossary of Terms & Units  (3,863 words; 8 pages)

Readings, References, & Reviews  983w, 2p

Glossary of Terms & Units  2880w, 6p


Appendix  (13,699 words; 44 pages)

General Design & Engineering Principles  340w, 1p

Constants, Conversion Factors and Methodology; Dimensional Analysis 1271w, 5p

Junkyard Technology  1278w, 3p

Maintenance  549w, 2p

Operations Logbook: a useful tool from the engineering profession which is applicable to all operations  949w, 2p

The Nature of the Scientific Method  1644w, 4p

Energy Comparison Costs  165w, 1p

Heating Value of Fuels  115w, 1p

Window Performance  1159w, 3p

Materials - a General commentary & Detail  1105w, 4p

Foundations  1947w, 5p

Soils  177w, 1p

Coatings for Absorbers  972w, 3p

Plans & Specifications - a Guide  1256w, 4p

Density of Material & Weight per Common Unit  523w, 3p

Schematic Symbols  140w, 1p

Surface Reflectivity Values  109w, 1p

 Collector Designs: a Sampling of, with details (This is Appendix AS 4, which is NOT listed in the book's Table of Contents)  (This appendix chapter has an additional 2,207 words; 10 pages w/42 diagrams)

   Index  (3,427 words; 9 pages) *

*The editor of this publication believes that any non-fiction book is an incomplete work without a thorough and comprehensive index. And, the same topic, under different titles, ought to be listed in multiple places to ensure finding the topic.


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