Theft by Employees





and Countermeasures



for Small and Medium Size Businesses


The Standard Guide to Managing Employee Mischief ... costly mischief


Douglas C. Landa & Henry C. Landa


A review:

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Theft By Employees

Douglas C. Landa & Henry C. Landa

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Theft by an employee can range from the pocketing of a few desk supplies to the embezzlement

of company funds. It is a chronic and pervasive problem that all companies and corporations

will inevitably encounter sooner or later. “Theft By Employees” is a kind of instruction manual

specifically designed by Douglas and Henry Landa for small to medium sized businesses which

will enable the owners and managers with methods of detection and prevention of employee

theft by dishonest workers. Organized into four major sections (Detection; Security;

Prevention; and Officers), “Theft By Employees” is enhanced throughout with ‘real world’

anecdotes illustrating both problems and countermeasures. Offering a wealth of practical and

thoroughly ‘user friendly’ advice, “Theft By Employees” is very highly recommended reading

for all small business owners.                                                          8/11/12"


*Transcribed verbatim in its entirety from the Midwest Book Review website (circa August 2012).





Table of Contents

I: Introduction


Has it happened to You? Could it happen to You?

Applications: Which Organizations Need to Worry About Theft?


D: Detection



Warning Signs


Stock, Inventory

Consumable Materials


White Collar Crime

Statistics and Accounting


S: Security


Security of Information

Security of Place

Barriers, Physical & Otherwise

Locks, Hardware and Key Security

Surveillance and Alarms

Trade Secrets


P : Prevention


Assumptions, Philosophy, Policy, Procedures, & Rules

Staffing: (a.k.a. “Personnel Management” or “Human Resources”)

Orientation for the New Employee


Coping with Theft and Reducing Future Losses


Exit, the Employee Thief


O: Offices & Officers


Offices, Officers, and Jobs

Introduction to Positions, Qualifications, Duties, & Detail Hierarchy




Inspector General


A: Appendix


Management / Productivity Triad

Operations Logbook: a useful tool from

   the engineering profession which is applicable to all operations


Orientation in General

Mission Statement

Principles of Management

Span of Management

Auditing and Audits

Tool Policy

Miscellaneous Anecdotes and Some Principles

Carrying Costs

Conflict of Interest

Quotable & Quotations, A q & q


R: References


R 1: Readings


R 2: Glossary: Definitions and Commentary



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