the Waste Exchange Newsletter

One person's trash is another's treasure.

This space is reserved for the exchange of information about usable and available waste material and the marketing of that material in Metropolitan Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. [We can't allow it to cover too much geography.] There is no fee for an insertion in the "Wanted:" or "Available:" columns. For further information, e-mail to 


*Do not click on this e-mail address since it has some gibberish attached to confound the "SPAM ROBOTS" which march across the Internet vacuuming up e-mail addresses; Use it as you see it (write it down & then use it).

or call (414) 258-6492 and ask for Hank.


An inquiry: Where is the collection point for segregated* glass bottles in the Milwaukee area?  

  * "Segregated bottles" means that the clear glass containers, the green glass, and the brown glass are all separated

Oct 2003