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The Third Pollution by William E. Small (1971), Praeger Publishers, NYC.   "An early work on what we now know is a vast and threatening problem: solid waste. The first and second pollutions are, of course, air and water pollution.  3.1#"  -  hcl      628.4 Sm18


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    Waste Material Management, An Approach to the General Theory of  /  Henry  C.  Landa

    107 p., 28 cm. (8.5" wide x 11" high)

A guide to solving the problem of waste material management; education of personnel in all types of organizations regarding waste material disposal, reduction, and utilization; a curriculum outline for a college-level course or internally-managed organization seminars; and a guide for management in developing the most economically and environmentally sound program of waste management for the entire organization in the short, medium, and long run.

    ISBN 0-931974-19-4

    1. Landa, Henry C.     2. Waste material, minimization, disposal, and management / College course curriculum

    TD 1030 L2.53x 2008             628.4 L253            $16.50 list      [end of Cataloging Data]


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